>27-12-02 – fdc – drum’n`bass :::: boa – luzern

die frozen dogpile cru startparty
luc4pancho – loop – malligan(fdc, ex tsunami) – secret(tsunami) – subzooka
22:00-04:00 – entry 10.–

>24-12-02 ::::: private x-mas :::: special place

a tsunami/wcc closed x-mas party for dj’s & producers only
(which play only unprotected private stuff)
txh to stl for organising this amazing event (ask him for an invitation)
>21-12-02 ::::: kidd rock tour 2002 :::: triebwerk, dresden (germany)

Secret (tsunami), Luc4Pancho, Subzooka, dean saster, redflower

>20-12-02 ::::: ausstellungsstrasse ::::: ausstellungsstrasse 100, zürich

dj jinxx

>14-12-02 ::::: mit tram und bus nach mekka :::: mekka, baden

jinxx, secret, freakbros plaid on this wonderful new private club. maybe a regular place…

>13-12-02 ::::: black friday :::: hotel bellerive, gstaad

secret (tsunami), malligan (fdc, ex tsunami)
playing to begin the fat powder season.
party by vanillenoir snowboard team

>06-12-02 ::::: jingle drums & jungle bells :::: gersag, emmenbrücke

wcc label-night
rascal & clone (uk)
dj h (uk)
freakbros (wcc)
dean saster(d)/loop (jr)

a jungleraiders/wcc production

>29-11-02 ::::: goh cd-release :::: neuropa, pfingstweidstr. 6, zürich

goh, the electronic side-project of dj jinxx releases their new album with a concert .
beginning 22:00
dj jinxx plays artificial sounds, karla k , dj kayzee

>09-11-02 ::::: jinxx@varioclub :::: varioclub, olten

double cube / jinxx

>02-11-02 ::::: jinxx@sonic (record shop)::: anwandstr. 30, zürich

jinxx playing from 14:00-18:00

>11-10-02 – 13-10-02 ::::: ccc III:::: reitschule, bern

 coontemporary culture convention III


(a few among others & ianeq, akku, and me, anfo.org, arian cerddor, aster o. h., balduin, büro destruct, benfay, sgis, christofin, clos-o-mat, club hardware, d-charge, ho$tile video, d4tt, dave phillips, deep device, degadron, dictaphone, digitalis, dimlite, dj juschka, dj nat, 3im, drop da bomb, eject management, electro_shox, elite clubbing, everest., gelb, herpes_ö_deluxe, hexdump, john player, jungleraiders, kaleidophone, kompiler, localform, tjwisuals, loccomotion, loop-o, marcus maeder, medooza, michele fasano, miss krettin & the (ge-)hackter, monobloc b, motomusic, mouthwatering, v.i.t., nagelring, nebelle, günter, niels jensen, nino fight, p. baumgartner, p. ferrari center, pete aurel, phroq, poetenpop, rasterfahndung, günter, rhythmmethods, ritmic, rm74, roger rotor, schallpodium, selfstyle, sonja moonear, spezialmaterial, steinbrüchel, strotter inst., teleform, tenko, terracava soundsystem, the engine, vollton, clamour, waterlilly)

>05-10-02 ::::: helik lädt ein:::: lessingstrasse 13, zürich

live: noisaikk / g.o.h.
dj’s: lesley / jinxx – – – 22:00 – – – – –

>21-09-02 :::::fliesskraft:::: duplex, solothurn

the sounds of jungle drum’n’bass

breackneck floor:
secret & jinxx (tsunami)
oddfellas (crumbly kat & krowt),sentex (think records be)

fire floor
diva d (mute zh), the jumpa (cultcha muv krew, duplex so), remon (cultcha muv krew, duplex so), riot & increaser (artig.org)
mcs: baltazar & smoke (so)

entry 10 fr.- / starting 22:00

>21-09-02 :::::jungleraiders @ winkel:::: winkel, altdorf
jungleraiders strike back
muck (wcc,tsunami), malligan, luc4pancho, hide & amun-k, phil d

>14-9-02 :::::fire!!!:::: egocity, zürich

fire – jungle im ego
starting 23:00, egocity badenerstr 97
lineup : viola, mad marshall (ltjw), jinxx(tsunami), mc ryddemflirt

>31-8-2002 :::::junglestreetgroove:::: basel

photos are here

the one and only junglestreetgroove
resisting on the street

with a tsunami/jungleraiders waggon (soundsystem powered by stl)
starting 17:00/17:30 münsterplatz, basel
route münsterplatz – rittergasse – wettsteinbrücke – oberer rheinweg – unterer rheinweg bis kaserne

open deck with groovetrucks on nt-areal
starting: 22.00 , nt-areal, erlenstrasse 21/23

>24-08-2002 :::::jungleraiders boot:::: 4waldstädtersee, kkl luzern
dean saster (d)
hide b2b krowt
miss b b2b jinxx (tsunami)
>29-06-2002 :::::lost in nature II:::: lenzburg, römerstein
our yearly special openair party
location : römerstein, lenzburg.

line-up :
tWiSt (uk)
freak bros (wcc)
mad marshal (ltjw)
miss b, jinxx, malligan (tsunami)
mc j da rippa (jungleraiders)

free entry!
kick off 22.00-open end
pleace park your cars on the marked places and respect mother nature and keep her clean !
on bad weather, we will have tents for aproximately 200 persons.
decos by tsunami & wcc-crew, lights & sound system from stl
subnote: there is a false information on the flyer. secret is not playing, because he is actually down-under…

>03-05-2002 :::::groove infection ::::: bar57, luzern

mc j da rippa
ndm, submerge, krowt, submerge
luc4pancho, jinxx, hyde

22:00-04.00, bar57 – hotel tivoli,tickets on jungle raiders,
free tickets to win on
radio 3fach (or 97.7fm) 30.03.2002/19:00-21:00

>02-05-2002 jinxx @ carambar, basel

>19-04-2002 :::::jungle/drum’n’bass surprise 2/3:::::ox, zofingen

surprise no. 2/3
freak bros. (wcc)

>05-04-2002 :::::jungleraiders:::::@ boa, luzern

claude young (usa), gichou , mathieu, amox, secret,
hide, luc4pancho

>16-3-2002 :::::vanilla gang bang::::: gstaad

>02-03-2002 :::::jungle-party FIRE! ::::: hoch und tiefbau, aarau

secret.jinxx (tsunami)
viola.derwish (subkutan)
>01-03-2002 openhouse2/jungleraiders @ KKL, luzern

5 floors from superdisco to electronic movements over feelin funky and lounge to the jungle raiders :

mc piper (uk)/mc tozim (zimbabwe massive)/korthex & sykes (d)/ daredevil (i) / sam (ge) luc4pancho & malligan (tsunami) / hide & amun.k
deco: jachuum production / visuals : positron (vienna) & ndm(uri) / a tim buktu/4 your soul/jungle raiders/tumar plus ça tourn – production/ entry sfr 25.- official presales @ kkl/doobop records/nlz löwencenter or jungleraiders

>22-02-2002 :::::jungle/drum’n’bass surprise 1/3:::::ox, zofingen

be surprised… (no. 1)
sueshi (bs)
mc tozim (zimbabwe massive)
miss b.secret.malligan (tsunami)

>02-02-2002 ::::: café mokka::::: thun
jinxx (tsunami)