>31-12-03 ::::: new years bash ::::: wcc-lounge – bag areal vogelsang

wcc, tsunami and jru allstars playing d’n’b/ragga/jungle/electro into the new year.

>24-12-03 ::::: d`n`b x-mas special::::: lengnau

tsunami crew & wcc clan & jur present the ultimative
alternative to x-mas, the yearly special party for all our fans and members
lineup :
mia (wcc)
secret (tsunami)
jinxx (tsunami)
freakbros. (tsunami, wcc, jru)
l4p (wcc, jru)
mc j da rippa (wcc, jru)
est-elle (club hardware)

from 23.00 till 08.00, map is on the flyer….
peyer halle/industrie/5426 lengnau
this event is hosted by stl

> 21-11-03 ::::: boa ::::: boa luzern

sueshi – muck(tsunami,wcc) – secret(tsunami,fdc) vs. double dragon – mC j da rippa (jungleraiders)

> 31-10/01-11-03 ::::: opto-electronic-festival ::::: egocity zürich

live-acts: algebrator, dave phillips, domizil, doorbitch project, elektra sturmschnell & xeno vulcano, galoppierende zuversicht, goh (side project of jinxx),intricate, karatech, krankenzimmer 204, lee van dowski, monoblock b, passebecq, quenum, staubsauger, sudden infant, the nautilus deconstruction

visuals: das gummi, m. cut, pe lang, positron, stefan hanser

keller: törnteilbs by das gummi & friends, open for live-sessions

egocity (tram 2/3 bezirksgebäude)

>18-10-03 ::::: break it! jungle/d&b by tsunami ::::: tresor im sommercasino, basel
(flyer design by anina, printed on transparent plastic)

tsunami crew presents:
breakage uk (reinforced, bassbin, inperspective)
secret (tsunami)
krowt (oddfellas)
mc j da rippa (jungleraiders)

>17-10-03 ::::: breakebites#3 drum’n’bass ::::: coupole biel/bienne
oddfellasch present : breakbites#3 drum’n’bass
breakage uk (reinforced, bassbin, inperspective)
jinxx (tsunami)
krowt&crumbly kat (oddfellas)

entry: 22.30-23.30 fr.5.- / from 23.30 fr.15.-

>16-10-03 ::::: jungle/drum&bass ::::: hohlstr.149 – zürich

breakage-uk (reinforced, bassbin, imperspective)
freak bros. (wcc, tsunami)
crumbly kat (oddfellas)
mc j da rippa (jungleraiders)

>11-10-03 ::::: boundless beats IV ::::: altes casino, bremgarten
the second time, we rocked this amazing party.
with freakbros.(l4p for stl), secret, jinxx.

and the amazing mc tozim, who showed us a last time his wonderful capability as vocal artist.
we will miss you so much, good friend.
the tsunami cru and the rest wishes you all the best on your way.
we love you !

>11-10-03 ::::: reclaim the streets 2003 ::::: zürich

grosser umzug mit musik für mehr alternative,
unkommerzielle kulturelle freiräume
und für mehr bezahlbaren lebensraum
in der stadt zürich.

>30-08-03 ::::: explosive jungle ::::: zürich altstetten, limmat
drum’n’bass openair

patrik d (nuclear)
muck (tsunami)

von werdinsel 500m flussabwärts / unter A1

>23-08-03 ::::: junglestreetgroove ::::: münsterplatz basel

the one and only

with a tsunami/wcc waggon

with :
freakbros, jinxx, secret, l4p, & mc j da rippa

>16-08-03 ::::: lost in nature 3v2 ::::: bürgli, möhlin

owing to the great demand, tsunami & wcc did a second openair in summer 03.
an amazing free openair drum’n’bass party with:
curly (doobop lu)
dj l4p (wcc, jungleraiders)
jinxx (tsunami)
secret (tsunami)
freakbros (wcc, tsunami)
mc j da rippa (jungleraiders

short wet weather and a bunch of wicked people !

>09-08.03 ::::: antiparade jungle/oldschool ::::: zürich, kibag am see

10.00 – 11.30 patrick d. – moguaï (nu-clear)
11.30 – 1.30 luc4pancho & jinxx (jungleraiders)
1.30 – 3.30 du lait (bpm/mir)
3.30 – 5.30 andee & el berto (lakesidebreaks_konstanz_d)
5.30 – 6.30 patrick d. – moguaï (nu-clear)
mc bimbo (lakesidebreaks_konstanz_d)
(antiparade ab fr08.08. 22:00 bis so10.08. 10:00)

>28-07-03 ::::: open air ziegel o lac ::::: rote fabrik , zürich

dj jinxx, dj secret, freakbros, etc..

>05-07-03 ::::: lost in nature III ::::: out in da green
an amazing party with heaps of happpy people, dry and warm weather, great deko, wicked visuals and a wunderful mother nature.
with secret, jinxx , muck (wcc, tsunami), crumbly kat (oddfellas), daredevil (dubatelica.it), contrast(club hardware), mc j da rippa (jungleraiders)

a big huge thank you to all the people, who made this wonder happening!

>27-06-03 ::::: tsunami @ kuzeb::::: kuzeb bremgarten

live electronic experimental concert
freakbros (wcc/tsunami)
secret (tsunami)
jinxx (tsunami)

>21-06-03 ::::: green size vs. bbq mit bass 3 open air::::: waldhütte bätterkinden (be)

d&b/jungle: secret (tsunami), hide, riot & increaser, krowt & crumbly kat, jumpa &
remon & damian d, mc smoke

breaks/uk-garage: omat o coffee, ben-jamin, mc’s inspetah & spade

grill und musik ab 18:00 – open end/ gratis / auch bei regen

>31-05-03 ::::: the last drummachine ::::: kulturfabrik kofmehl, solothurn
lineup: the odd fellas, riot & x.ksc (artig.org), jinxx(tsunami) ,hide (jungleraiders),
jumpa (cultcha muv), rapness (fmi)
last event of „drummachine“-series !
entry: 15 chf
doors open 22:00
presale: ticketcorner / tribe music, solothurn / chop records, bern

>24-05-2003 ::::: jungleraiders@club hardware ::::: kiff (silo), aarau

stl (wcc/tsunami), amun k., subzooka, luc4pancho (jr), fuze (hardware) & mc j da rippa

>17-05-03 hohlstrasse ::::::: hohlstr. 149, zürich

krowt (oddfellas)
muck (wcc, tsunami)
secret (tsunami)
jinxx (tsunami)

>02-05-03 ::::: sword style by tsunami ::::: werk21, zürich

sword style by tsunami

daredevil(dubadelica, italy)
listen to some tracks of his new album in-pressionism :
>>> painfull jungle (real audio)/ mp3
>>> brokenbeat (short version)(real audio)/ mp3
secret (tsunami)
freak bros. (tsunami)
mc tozim (zimbabwe massiv)
a phat tsunami party with the reincarnated crew and some specials…

>25-04-03 ::::: jung-le tang-le ::::: wcc bar, turgi

27 years luc4pancho (free entry)
starting 20:00 till open end
lineup: sykes(d),jinxx(tsunami),malligan,secret(tsunami),fuze,contrast,freak bros. (tsunami),hide,amun k.,patrick d.,moguaï,double dragon,rapness,jools,ben jamin
mcs: j da rippa,snide,badboy,inspecta,spade warm up with dj jools & fmi

>11-04-03 ::::: herzfrequenz ::::: werkhof, luzern

secret (tsunami)
sublim (bassodissey)
l4p, malligan
mc j da rippa

>25-03-03 ::::: goh live ::::: bananen+frucht, zurich

electronic listening mit goh(live) and dj jinxx(tsunami)
new goh cd out now.
bananen+frucht – ottostr4a – zürich

>21-03-03 ::::: fdc@bungalow ::::: bungalow-bar, safenwil/ag
dj secret (tsunami)
dj malligan (ex tsunami)
& the jungleraiders loop, luc4pancho, spacehopper, subzooka, mc j da rippa

>01-03-03 ::::: slide-desaster ::::: gstaad, talstation

freakbros (tsunami)
secret (tsunami)
played a fat d’n’b afterhour

>01-03-03 ::::: dada ::::: sihlpapier, giesshübelstrasse 15, zurich
dnb floor:
djs: paradizer (get a.m.)- moguai (nu-clear)- jinxx (tsunami)- luc4pancho (jungleraiders), nik (jungleraiders)
mcs: j da rippa (jungleraiders)

djs: la bombe, goran, kratermann (all3: quiet records)
mcs: ape throwman, göldin (both: quiet records)
live: zitterrochen (five fingers)
+ special guests
elektro, techno:

live: roly roos, algebrator, clos-o-mat, aster oh

motordykes, luxus, borschtsch (berlin)

>22-02-03 ::::: boundlessbeats III with tsunami ::::: altes casino, bremgarten
dj jinxx
dj secret
dj nik – jungleraiders
dj flutfrucht and maybe the best drum’n’bass mc around in switzerland:
mc tozim (zimbabwe massive, tsunami)
(we are really proud to have you here!)
more infos under boundlessbeats.ch

>11-01-03 ::::: funkstörung :::: bogen13, zürich

live: funkstörung (de/ k7/ mas rec.)
djs: jinxx / spezialmaterial djs