>10-01-04 ::::: b3-basti birthday bash::::: wcc-lounge

23 jahre basti-terror
djs : mia, muck, stl, pao, secret, jinxx, l4p
mc : j da rippa
special 4 turntables session, pictures of 5 years tsunami history
entry only with private invitation.

>23-01-04 ::::: stranded goods ::::: barfum, aarau

phear tombass/haste/secret(tsunami)/muck(tsunami,wcc)/stl(wcc)/mc’s soze burns

>13-02-04 ::::: safari sounds ::::: club dorrs 72, biel

date changed !!!
club opening night with jungle, drum and bass plus downtempo intro
jinxx / tsunami crew
jumpa / cultcha muv
krowt&crumbly kat / odd-fellas

starting 22:00 entry 10 fr.-
club dorrs 72 / aarbergstr. 72 / 2503 biel /(2min. by feet from SBB biel)

>26-02-04 ::::: supersharpfreestyleelectronics ::::: cafe mokka, thun

soult played hiphop, electronics
double cube played elektro
muck played drum’n’bass

>24-04-04 ::::: massive! jungle/drum&bass ::::: wenk, aarau

muck (wcc, tsunami)
secret (tsunami)
jinxx (tsunami)
subzooka (jr united)

>28-04-04 ::::: trennfrequenz ::::: rüdigerstr.1, zürich

live: controller band (berlin), goh (in), person vs. sissicontest (spezialmaterial)
dj: soult
electronic listening music and flickering visuals for your soul. take a seat.

>06-05-04 ::::: soul ninjas ::::: hohlstr. 149, zürich
dj’s: soult, joninjas
bar. have some nice drinks and meet some nice people
(flyer designed and handprinted by marsplastik)

>11-05-04 ::::: live on kanal k :::::

dj muck & dj secret live on the air on the radio show from fab j (get physical) on kanal K

>14/16-05-04 ::::: contemporary culture convention IV ::::: reithalle, bern

a fair modern over-and underground culture
go (electronic project of soult aka jinxx)live 16 line-up:
101 [be],agnès [ge],aikon [fr],alex r [be],alphatronic [be],anyma [fr],ast [lu],atzmo [italy],audioactivity crew [ge],auf dauerwelle [be],augmented reality [zh],babychlor [zh] ,bloom [bl],bob [bs] ,bokson [ne],bon voyage soundsystem [vs],chris air [bl],crash helmet [be],crowdpleaser [ge] ,cycle repair [zh],dan from berne [be],dauwalder [fr] ,denis beuret [fr],digitaline [vd],diwan diwan [be],dj andaloop [zh],dj aster o.h. [ju],dj cruz [ag],dj flow [vd],dj hemi sync / d.n.u.l. [so],dj manon [zh],dj rolla [ge],dj rx [zh],dj yosko [ju],dubdray vs. cloe lock [bs],dummermuthdong [be],dv8 [italy] ,dx-9 / troublex-systems [be],eddie masher [ti],est-elle [lu] ,felka [be] ,filewile [be] ,fischkutter-dj [zh] ,flying red fish [vd],formel [be] ,galoppierende zuversicht [zh],ghettopo aka ockmoon alpha feat. mda [ne],goh [zh],hachi [bs] ,hellraumauten [zh] ,id-lvsq [bs] ,jérome baker [be],kate wax [ge],kentai [zh] ,lukas kleesattel [be],luluxpo [ge] ,m. da mata [ne],maain [zh],mark a. brook [zh],max durante [italy],max grell [ag],mike machine [be],mobiles kino [bs],mon petit poney [ju],nemoy [vs],neogen [nw] ,nieder bipper [vd],nytom [be] ,op rechts / hess [be],opres oudare [be],out of obscure liveact [sg],p.bell [zh] ,pac [fr],papiro [bs] ,pe lang [zh],pilot paul [so],pixel fairy [vd],r-74m [be] ,radon [ne],ralph schenk [so],rauber und schönfeld – rus [sg],reverse engineering [vd],s.talker [italy] ,samo visuals [zh],schau [be],score, amun-k & phil d (drumandbass.ch) [be],sgis.ch [be] ,shaegi [be],sheerday [ge] ,smat [be] ,softland [zh] ,solarium aka staubsauger [lu],soul sociedad [ne],start21 [zh],sq16 [bs],strek [italy] ,supersection [zh],symphologic (diet formula) [vd],tk [ag] ,trigger.ch [zh] ,turntable actor chloroform (out of obscure) [sg],universe [vd] ,urkuma [italy] ,v.i.t. (optickle) [be],wandler [zh],yavkat [be] ,zimoun [be] ,zodiac project sound machine [ti]

>22-05-04 ::::: sonicsound ::::: sonic records, anwandstr. 30

dj soult 14:00-18:00

>29-05-04 ::::: the harder they come ::::: rüdigerstr.1, zürich

live: lxc (alphacut, phantomnoise, santorin / leipzig)
monoblock b (7b / zürich)
dj: medooza, soult, undecoded (leipzig)
sounds like hardcoretechnopunkbreakbeatelektrojunglecore…

>19-06-04 ::::: revenge of the tv hackers tv ::::: rüdigerstr.1 zh

präsentiert von proxivision + copyfight!
die anti-pa-party für tv-tribes.
ein haufen billiger fernsehapparate wird zum
3000 watt-soundsystem für dj’s und bildvirtuosen.
eine aussergewöhnliche club-athmosphäre!
mit den dj’s: nik, goran, soult, special guest.

>26-06-04 ::::: beats de st. tropez ::::: provitreff, zürich

dub, hip hop, elektronische tanzmusik / benefizparty für die WOZ
dj’s: joninjas / soult / braina / energiRock
21 uhr / eintritt: 5.-
provitreff, sihlquai 240, zürich

>03-07-04 ::::: B13 summer break party ::::: bogen13, viaduktstr.13, zh

sommer-abschluss-ball kombiniert mit diplomfeier
der hgkz-klasse visuelle gestaltung.
mit den dj’s: kayzee, rockmaster k, soult

>9/10/11-7-04 ::::: lost in nature IV openair:::: out in nature
5 years tsunami / the ultimative d’n’b open air party

a massive 2 days openair party, out in the nature on a beautiful place.

lots of djs & crews, decos, live-events, place for tents, bar, food, massive bbq on friday, visuals, smooth electronic sounds during day & lots more…

with :

paradox – live (reinforced, paradox music, esoteric, firetrap, good looking – uk), nucleus (reinforced – uk) ,lxc – live (alphacut, phantom noise, santorin – germany), h (jr.united – uk), daredevil (dubadelica – it), sykes (jr.united – de), dabassco.com (live-band), stl – live (wcc), mad marshal (think recordings), luc4pancho (jr.united), krowt (odddfellas), mia (she-dj wcc), submerge (jr.united), double dragon (jr.united), secret (tsunami), j-m-a (solcircle, j-m-a-sounds), malligan (fdc), pao (possessed by), sueshi (jr.united), muck(tsunami,wcc), xaser (jr.united)

dub, hiphop, electronics:

offwhyte – live (galapagos4 – usa), the singularity (scotland), reezm (ish), filewile – live , goh – live (in), sulzmeyer&brooklyn, goran (quiet), dust surfers (3dj’s-collektive), david (reggae riot productions), soult (aka jinxx), energi rock

mcs: j da rippa (jr. united), spacco mc (jr. united), matt (vocalbreath.ch) , myrah (vocalbreath.ch)

visuals: pixelpunx, mfo (ministerium für optik, leipzig), positron (super8-specialist), n-d-m

thanxs to our friends and sponsors making this wunderfull openair real: the landowner, twister.ch, fusionlight, wcc, oddfellas, jungleraiders, om_shanti for the chai-shop, marion for the tasty crèpes and all the labels and artists supporting us

>16-07-04 ::::: out-bass d’n’b openair party::::: waldhütte reitnau

secret (tsunami), muck (tsunami, wcc), stl(wcc), mia (wcc),
phao, phear, tombass, mc soze (posssessed by) played.

>6/7-08-04 ::::: lethargy ’04 ::::: rote fabrik, zürich;

leathargy, the one and only alternative on the streetparade !

dj krust, dj bailey, storm & mc rage, klute,
jinxx (tsunami), muck (tsunami,wcc), est-elle, contrast, toon, mad marshal, oliv, cronic, zodiak, soulsource, nik, bronkobitch, woody, robatronic, tweak, crowdpleaser, trisha, crissair, medooza, mad b, ali, fine style, impact, y-ph, wicked wilma, pat patrisha, mc blackeye, mc matt, d meteo, mo, el puma, fragment, lexx, a touch of class (oli stumm & domie le touch)
the orb (live), mijatoho(live), pulsar(live), ada (live),secondo (live), wandler (live), cosili (live), cate wax (live), jamie lidell (live), andreas dorau (live), t.raumschmiere (live), die galoppierende zuversicht (live), das bierbeben (live)

starting on friday 22:00 till sunday

>08-08-04 ::::: wwf / wir wollen feiern open air ::::: buchholz, basel

nettes kleines openair mit kulinarischem und akustischem
mit: goh (live), soul ninjas (dj-team), u.a.

>28-08-04 ::::: junglestreetgroove x ::::: münsterplatz basel

the 10. junglestreetgroove

with a tsunami/wcc waggon

>28-08-04 ::::: lost in nature 4.2 ::::: somwhere out in ag

free after junglestreetgroove openair party.

dj’s: nik, misko, stl (wcc), jinxx (tsunami), muck (wcc, tsunami)
mia (wcc), secret (tsunami, fdc), zero distance

03-09-04 ::::: >bass assault ii ::::: boa, luzern

back 2 back session
secret & malligan (tsunami, fdc)
d fab j & spectron (get physical, basel)
djanes sueshi & nyma (jr.u/first ladies, basel)
double dragon (luc4pancho & subzooka, fdc/jr.u)
mc j da rippa (fdc/jr.u)

04-09-04 ::::: disko international ::::: hohlstr 149 zürich

dj’s: ravissa (doorbitch, wien)
micrometropolice, hepp (7b)
soult feat. buzz aldwin

>23-10-04 ::::: the harder they come ::::: rüdigerstrasse 1, zürich

<external event hint by soult>

the harder they come/dionysus on tour:
ceephax acid crew (warp, fsk, breakin, uk)
chevron live (planet mu rec, uk)
x&trick live+dj (bugklinik rec, dionysus, be)
dj muschka (bugklinik, 7days, be)

>30-10-04 ::::: night of beatz::::: kulturwerk 118, sursee

bassriders presented:
muck, mia, secret, jinxx, fine style

>06-11-04 ::::: wicked d’n’b attack ::::: pilgerjack rüti (zh)
nick, mia, muck, jinxx, secret, david vs. goliath
mc j da rippa
early juggling by reaggae riot productions

>17-11-04 ::::: last time quiet in bogen13 ::::: bogen13, zürich

last time quit in bogen13 (sadly, bogen13 get’s closed too!)
audio & video with:
rescreening szenario, göldin, bit-tuner, la bombe,
kratermann, organ, metronomemann, soult & goran (both on mpc)
>20-11-04 ::::: high flammable d’n’b vol.2 ::::: level 5
mia, muck , subzooka, malligan, luc4pancho, mc j da rippa
baselstr 61a, luzern

>20-11-04 ::::: drum & bass ::::: provitreff, zürich

dj’s: nik, jinxx (tsunami), bronko bitch, ali

>23-11-04 ::::: somewhere between ::::: kalkbreite 4, zürich

live: restiform bodies, passage, telephone jim jesus – anticon / usa
dj’s: kratermann, la bombe, soult

experimental hiphop & indyrock & electronic roots & the noise from inside of you
concert the yeah

>26-11-04 ::::: junglists area ::::: boa-bar, luzern
ragga-jungle-jump up-d’n’b with:
secret, double dragon, basslovaz (snoope b2b neptune)
& mc j da rippa
massive support by drumnbassticino.ch
free entry, start 23:00
>04-12-04 ::::: night of the beats II::::: kulturwerk 118, industrie sursee

wcc / tsunami – label night part II
dj’s: mia, secret, muck b2b misko, jinxx, cronic (tensionstate)
21:00 – 04:00 / chfr 15.-

>18-12-04 ::::: jungle/drumandbass ::::: hohlstr. 149, zürich
dj’s: nik, bronkobitch, jinxx, mia, muck, secret

>31-12-04 ::::: silvester party ::::: ziegel oh lac, seestr. 395, zürich

with: bronkobitch, nik, mia, muck, secret, jinxx