>07-01-2005 ::::: immidate action ::::: silberbar, zürich
djs: forster, braina , soult
>15-01-05 ::::: baschtiterror ::::: wcc lounge

24 years baschti b-day party. 10 djs/2 mcs. and lots of shots.
>05-03-04 ::::: bug klinik labelnight ::::: rüdigerstrasse 1, zürich

<external event hint by soult>
x&trick live / dj (bug klinik, bee, sti, b)
subversa live (bug klinik, pro tek, strikin wave, b)
sgt sonar live (bug klinik, b)
feldermelder live (degadron, ch)
support by bugklinik sound (laptopz, djz, fx)
>26-03-05 ::::: evil rave ::::: hohlstr. 149, zürich

nik! (ridden, trush)
jinxx (tsunami)
jma (solarole)
>16-04-05 ::::: dnb janes set fire II ::::: treibhaus, luzern
jungleraiders united present:
mia (j.r.u / wcc)
zena (j.r.u / couleur 3)
nyma (j.r.u / 1st ladies)
sueshi (j.r.u / 1st ladies)
estelle (clubhardware)
mc ladyinfinity / mannheim (j.r.u / nsf-sounforce-baesse.de)
over-x from riga/lettland (j.r.u / headrush rec, ny) unfortunately cutted due to flight problems.

>23-04-05 ::::: evil rave ::::: kalkbreite 4, zürich

chevron (planet mu rec. / uk)
person (spezialmaterial)
nik? (ridden.trish)
jinxx (tsunami)
>04-05-05 ::::: somewhere between ::::: kalkbreite 4, zürich
live: qwell, robust, dallas jackson (galapagos, usa)
dj’s: soult, justin sayne (ish, zh)
a somewhere between indy hiphop blast
starting 22:00
>07-05-05::::: drum’n’bass ::::: industrie, wädenswil

live in concert: moonshaped
dj’s: muck, mia, del.phi, flavour saver
visuals: pixelpunx
>06-05-05::::: stolze-sause 2 ::::: provitreff, zürich

benefiz-party fürs stolze openair 2005
dj bronkobitch (balkan brothers)
dj nik! (ridden.trish)
dj blunty (209 crew)
dj secret (tsunami)
dj ali (mute.ch)
starting 22:00 – openend, entry 10.- SFR

>13-05-05 ::::: tek.mow! volume four ::::: himmel club, schwyz

nik! (ridden.trish, zh)
jinxx (tsunami, zh)
pretuval c (tn! resident, sz)
tampon (tn! resident, sz)

friday 13th, the unlucky rave. huuh.
you´ll wish it were only a nightmare.

>14-05-05 ::::: junglist’s area II ::::: treibhaus, luzern
basslovaz (snooze & neptune) – dbt
shadowdrummer – dbt
jinxx – tsunami
rap-e – baddis crew
subzooka – j.r.u / fdc

>16-05-05 ::::: trennfrequenz ::::: kalkbreite 4, zürich

<external event hint by soult>
norbert möslang (ex voice crack) cracked everyday-electronics / st. gallen
steinbrüchel (synchron) / zürich
controller-band / berlin

>19-05-05 ::::: the harder they come ::::: kalkbreite 4, zürich

monsters of mashup live:
bong-ra (supertracks, suburban trash / nl)
shitmat (planet mu / uk)
enduser (outbreak, ad noiseam, ant-zen / usa)
dj: the dean soniks
starting : 21:00

>27-05-05 ::::: jacky murda::::: sedel, luzern
ragga-jungle – reggae – ragga – d’n’b and more with
jacky murda (chopstick dubplate/murdatune, nyc)
luc4pancho (jru)
jinxx (tsunami)
secret (tsunami, fdc)
mc conflicto and mc j da rippa
>11-6-2005 ::::: deluxe birthday-party :::: vario club, olten

down-/upbeat / drum’n’bass presented by j.u.r. with :

shedj alley cat (reinforced, skunkrock london) / uk

b-line & dj loco (bionic beat club, freiburg) / de
muck (tsunami, wcc)
contrast (club hardware)
semtex (j.u.r.)
mc fava (breakbeat movment germany)
>25-06-2005> ::::: world wide drum’n’bass :::: level5, luzern
level5 summer-end party
darko stepic (firehouse crew d2 – skopje, macedonia)
daredevil (dubadelica – venice, italy)
pietro latino (couleur3, labyrinth uk, vd)
secret (tsunami)
double dragon (jr.united)

>29-6-2005> ::::: openair lauschallee :::: jugendfest brugg, near pic
secret and muck played d’n’b
visuals by pixelpunx
>8/9/10-7-2004 ::::: papa mich’s 11’111 day bash :::: out in the kraut

11’111 days mich / partycipation

a wonderful birthday openair without rain, lovely people, concerts with goh, moonshaped, tratosphere, mush(uk), guze zeitonauten, peedee & caro, maria bossa combo,
dj muck, dj stl, the bontempi five (öli & persi), visuals by pixelpunx, bildstörung granulat, diff_use, tent place, sauna session, massage by reto zobrist,
workshops, children program during saturday, and a bunch of freaks and good people (papa michs friends…) on a beatiful place.
strictly private.

>29/30-07-2005 ::::: lost in nature V ::::: open air party

the festival now has it’s own website : http://lin.mk2.ch

our yearly wicked drum’n’bass openair festivak happened during hard rain and hail and was awesome! thanx to all people involved in the festival and for all people bringing their nice vibes with them!

> fotos of lin V

the wicked line-up :

dylan (uk)(tech itch rec. / freak rec. )
due to flight problems dylan could not play and the wicked german dj the panacea played a second brilliant set on saturday night!
utah jazz (uk) – V rec. / originFm / good looking rec.
h (uk) – jru
lxc (d) – phantomnoise / alphacut / santorin
mimaku spldat (d) – phantomnoise
daredevil (i) – dubadelica
trigun – wcc
mia – wcc
mad marshal – think rec
secret – tsunami / fdc
nik! – ridden.trash
pao – possessed by
lost sequence – drumandbass.ch
stl – wcc
reggae riot sound
dida – shine club / clockwork
chill infinty kru
goh (innernoise)- a wonderful live electronic concert along with mc tozim
muck – wcc / tsunami
katharsis – live with a beatiful concert
fab j b2b inspectra – get physical / fabulus rec.
pulsar live
sueshi – first ladies
contrast – club hardware
pietro latino b2b double dragon – jru / fdc
bronkobich –
jolie roger – wcc
soult – tsunami (aka jinxx)

mc`s :

tozim – lab boom (yeah, we have you back tozim !!!!!!)
j da rippa – vocalbreath / jru / wcc

vj’s (visual jockeys) :

mfo (de) – ministerium für optik / leipzig
accept – digitalpicnic
granulat – visualz.ch
diff_use – visualz.ch
pixelpunx – pixelpunx.ch
bildstörung – bildstörung.ch
still uncommercial and on the cutting edge.
the event was broadcasted worldwide on umfm.net and different radiostations.
the internet link was  and wlan and technic was sponsored by softwareschneiderei.
website : http://lin.mk2.ch

>05-08-2005 ::::: d&b,jungle,fakecore openair ::::: under a bridge, zürich
urban noise pollution
dinky darkness and twisted sunshine

mijatoho (live)
nonda, bronkobitch, jinxx (tsunami), nik!

>12/13/14-08-2005 ::::: lethargy ::::: rote fabrik, zürich

2 days of alternative party culture during the mainstream techno carnival called streetparade.
high quality, no sponsors, superb dekor, low entry (25 fr / a day).
as other alternative this weekend :
the antiparade (first time legal)

and a wicked lineup :
bronkobitch, jinxx (tsunami), nik!, lxc live and abe duque live, a guy called gerald & mc navigator live, captain comatose live, ascii disco live, codec & flexor live, barbara morgenstern & robert lippok live, roger rotor live, goodbye lenin live, dj t. & m.a.n.d.y., boogie army, undo, walter ercolino, sampayo, turntable-babes, mitsutek, crazeebo, swo, mikky b, prinzessin in not, klonator, wicked wilma, y-ph, pat patrisha, swayzak live, puppetmastaz live, big hair live, le dust sucker live, saalschutz live, division kent live, galoppierende zuversicht live, aster oh live, person vs solotempo live, mijatoho live, andrew weatherall, ewan pearson, john player, andaloop, cio, eli verveine, micrometropolis, rumory, smirre, miss jay-kill, josh & sarcocyphe, dj capcom, inca, styro0002, p.bell, wandler, ida

>20-08-2005 ::::: openair hiddenair ::::: open air, wald zh

concerts with dead roses (rock) / los yukas (latino) / waterproof (funk) / plankton (mundartrock) / swingbesa mit sulco (hiphop – funk) / dump funk (esmob.ch) (hiphop) / alaska (ska) / 5 minutes left (indie-rock)

d‘n‘b through the night with dj muck (tsunami/wcc)

>03-09-2005 ::::: lost in nature 5.2 ::::: sauerländer-keller, aarau

a nice small one-day openair party with jungle and d’n’b like back in the old days.

lineup : jungle and d’n’b with :
stl, jolie roger, mia, jinxx, muck, secret, trigun, cyclone

due to rain/security problems we did the party on the wonderful alternative place sauerländer-keller
wonderful party on a special place.
we will definitely do further parties on this event.

> fotos

> 17-09-2005 ::::: bug klinik invasion05 tour ::::: kalkbreite 4, zürich

on 2 floors :
yee-king live (bug klinik, rephlex, uk)
x&trick live/dj (bug klinik, bee, suburban trash, b)
barry lynn live (bug klinik, uk)

feldermelder (degadron)
la bombe (quiet)
soult (tsunami)
nik! (ridden.trish)
triple p
> 21-09-2005 ::::: birthsong meets schoo-lounge ::::: dampfschiff, brugg

stl (wcc) und dida (shineclub, clockwork)
19.30 till 24.00

> 24-09-2005 ::::: deluxe (by j.u.r) ::::: vario-club, olten

djs muck – tsunami (drum & bass)
semtex – jur-records (brokenbeats)
nagholz & dünger – hörgenuss (new breaks)
wavewarriors (new breaks)
> 29-09-2005 ::::: wickend? ::::: subway, bremgarten (ag)
thursday by ruffstuff

jinxx (tsunami)
muck (tsunami)

subway club / obertor platz 7 / 5620 bremgarten
> 01-10-2005 ::::: tek.now! vol. 7 ::::: himmel club, seewen (schwyz)


the dean soniks
pretuval c

>15-10-05 ::::: boundless beats ::::: jazztomate, bremgarten

dj secret (tsunami)
dj muck (tsunami, wcc)

special guest :
mc tozim
mo infos : jazztomate / bob-club

>28-10-04 ::::: vinyl destination ::::: club metro, 5200 brugg
mia & k-base / wcc, harddrums
rudeboy d & fredd / ruffstuff crew
df matt & white / ruffstuff crew
lost sequence / drumandbass.ch
inca & ruftec / harddrums
max.s. & dj stip / bassride, fazterdezaztermazterz
shantee b2b dj andrew / fazterdezaztermazterz

amox, smith & s.enz / ruffstuff crew
prof. pressure / harddrums
badboy & snide / fmi

chf 12.– / 21oo till open
>19-11-05 ::::: dom & roland ::::: vario club, olten
jur records presents :

dom & roland (uk)/ (moving shaddow, violence recording)
dj muck (tsunami, wcc)
dk b-line & dj loco (new breaks)
hosted by mc fava (new breaks)
dj wavewarriors (broken beats)
dj pao, dj phear, dj tombass (d&b, possessed by)
22:00 till 04:00
>26-11-05 ::::: kono’s farewell party ::::: 4ton lounge, luzern
lost sequence (drumandbass.ch)
secret (tsunami)
trigun (4ton/wcc)
mia (wcc/4ton)
muck (tsunami/wcc)
cyklone (4ton)
psy-chi (labor prod.)

22.00 – open end

>02-12-05 ::::: delux night::::: kiff, aarau

delux night in kiff by jur records
(drum’n’bass/trip hop/big beat/broken beatz)
with dj muck (tsunami,wcc)
entry 10fr, starting 22:00 till 04:00

>13-12-05 ::::: trennfrequenz ::::: kalkbreite 4, zürich

electronic listening / let your brain stomp

squaremeter (ant-zen / hands)
papiro (hardcore meditation music)
completely fucked-up society (aussichtsloser geräuschkampf gegen
die windmühlen der dummheit der menschheit)
das anakoluth? (hirnwind aus osten sickernd)
goh (inner noise)
>23-12-05 ::::: jingle-drums & jungle-bells ::::: pic, brugg

the holy x-mas disaster
with the tsunami & wcc allstars

secret (tsunami)
jinxx (tsunami)
junglin’mo freak bros. (wcc)
mia (wcc,4ton)
trigun (wcc,4ton)
jolie roger (wcc)
fred & white (ruffstuff crew)

22:00-04:00 (gmt +1)
>24-12-05 ::::: x-mas ::::: @ wcc-lounge

open deks
wcc/tsunami residents
x-mas shots…
>25-12-05 ::: evil rave ::: ruditown, rüdigerstr.1, zürich
breakin acidtekkno floor:
cylob (rephlex, breakin / uk)
styro2000 (bruchstücke)
pretuval c (tek.now!)
tampon (tek.now!)
forster (+)

rockin bass’n’rave floor:
muck (tsunami, wcc)
bronkobitch (urban noise pollution)
nik! (.trish)
soult (tsunami)
>28-12-05 ::::: lounge’n’bass ::::: schüür-bar, luzern

4ton presents: lounge’n’bass

intro by meester.krizz (4ton)
mia (wcc, 4ton)
stl (wcc/tsunami)
trigun (wcc, 4ton)
secret (tsunami)